Welcome to the 'AVANUKES'

This site has been made for the 'Avan Club of Australia' Uke Group. It has been set up as a more efficient way of communicating with everyone.

Also. . .

It is hoped the material included here will help you learn to play and enjoy your uke.

The site will include copies of, or links to, uke music for lots of songs.

(And anything else that might be interesting and/or amusing.) Use the links at the top of each page to navigate your way around the site to find what you are looking for.

Why Learn a Musical Instrument?

See what science tells us: http://trendinghot.tv/what-playing-a-musical-instrument-does-to-your-brain/

The internet has loads of information about ukes and uke playing. Explore! There will be other sites which present the same sort of information, but perhaps in a different or better way. Looking at something from another perspective could help you understand some things more easily.

Check out other sites.

Please email me if there is something you would like added to the site or

if you have a photo or a link that can be shared.

Why is the ukulele one of the most popular instruments of the day?

     Ukuleles are cheap, small, light and easy to carry around.

        You can play one in the car.

         Ukuleles are easy to learn. (You don't need to read music).

         You can play all types of music on a ukulele.

         They are fun to play .. especially in a group .

         Ukuleles are suitable for players of all ages.

        They make people smile.


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